Dinner & Drinks Pet Bowl - Black - Gold Stainless Steel

Size: Medium Set - 2 Cups
Sale price$49.00


Our Elevated Gold Stainless Steel Pet Bowl, the epitome of durability and cleanliness. Made with bacteria-resistant stainless steel, this bowl ensures a safe and hygienic feeding environment for your beloved pet. With its rust-resistant and stain-proof properties, this bowl will maintain its pristine appearance over time.

[Medium] 2 Cups
[Large] 3 Cups

• Optimal Feeding Position: Elevating the bowl to a comfortable height promotes better posture and reduces strain on your pet's neck and back.
• Improved Digestion: Promotes proper digestion and reduce the risk of digestive issues.
• Hygienic and Easy to Clean: Stainless steel is bacteria-resistant and easy to clean.
• Reduced Strain: Minimizes strain on neck & spine, beneficial for dogs with arthritis/mobility issues.
• Slower Eating Pace: Discourages fast eating and prevent choking or overeating.
• Less Mess & Spills: Raised bowls reduce mess and making cleanup easier.
• Suitable for Senior Dogs: Elderly dogs find it easier to reach their food without discomfort.
• Comfortable for Dogs with Neck or Back Problems: Offers comfort for dogs with neck/back issues.
• Durable: Withstands daily use, resist scratches, rust resistant and maintain its shiny • Stylish and Elegant: The gold finish adds a luxurious & sophisticated look to the elevated stainless steel bowl, complementing your home decor.

Potential benefits for dogs with certain medical conditions: For some dogs with conditions like Megaesophagus, elevated bowls may be recommended to help prevent regurgitation and improve digestion. However, it is always best to consult with a veterinarian before making any changes to your dog's feeding routine.

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